vicky. a 5'1, 24-year-old powerlifting, baking, lchf-eating crapricorn. trying 2 fight withdrawalruses. a fatty 5evr. i've been told i understand misery and have a dry wit. sometimes i dj techno.

current PRs: 210# squat, 110# bench, 260# deadlift

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When I was younger my mom told me to never shave my thighs. I have no idea why.

Mine too. I felt really guilty when I did it anyway and hoped she would never notice (when I was younger).

because you tend to get ingrown hairs from shaving thighs


Upside-down cat eye


Upside-down cat eye

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the weekend encapsulated~

• adult bbqs are the best. they have things like hibiscus agua fresca, homemade smoked ribs, and homemade ice cream. i feel like i gained 10 lb though… also. fireball is the trending alcohol of the year.

• i am still not an adult. i make poor choices and don’t know how to moderate myself. i broke an important part of the vintage stand mixer boyf bought me on thick cookie dough. :(

• the cookies were definitely delicious.

• successfully moved a bed w boyf’s tiny car through crazy allston traffic!!

• we’ll see how the mom situation pans out. ick. I’d rather not think about it. or talk about it, ever. v healthy relationship there..

• it was our hangout anniversary yesterday!! 2 years ago boyf was sad and messaged me on fb. i invited him along to my plans. he ran away bc he saw someone he hates. the next day i talked to him on fb at a cafe after i ran away from my parents and it turned out that he lives a block away, so he came to meet me. then we spent the whole day together. the next day i ran into him in allston, and we spent that whole day together, too. we hung out a few more times before he went to chicago for a week, and we gchatted the entire time. i guess soon after that we figured out that we “like liked” each other. :3

• we had anniversary bagels from a Jewish bakery after i went to an awesome DIY powerlifting gym, and cambodian food in the burbs for dinner.

• then i made us watch spirited away bc i was feeling like experiencing the mystical magic of miyazaki

cambodian foodz 🔥 (at Phnom Penh Restaurant)

woah woah woah

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i love adult bbqs there is so much good food i d i e

having a bad time. parental and boyf drama, and then i just destroyed metal whisk attachment to my stand mixer and so there are plastic bits all over this cookie batter.


i hate having immigrant Chinese parents.

i am a goddamn American, i am not Chinese except in ethnicity. I’m also a goddamn adult— I’m almost 25. fuck.

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